Router Lease

Support for your home network

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? iPad won’t connect?


Our router lease program provides a first level network support for your leased router for just $5 a month.

How do I sign up to lease a Colorado Central Telecom Router?

When you place an order for new service, our customer care staff will ask if you want a Colorado Central Telecom leased router or will be providing your own. All clients that choose a Colorado Central Telecom leased router are enrolled. The program is available to residential clients.

How much does it cost?

Leasing a Colorado Central Telecom router is $5 per month.

How does a leased router benefit me?

Having a Colorado Central Telecom leased router acts as router insurance and support for residential clients. If your leased router fails, we’ll replace it for free. If you forget your Wi-Fi password, we can retrieve it for you. When your printer isn’t working or your iPad won’t connect, our tech support staff will try to remotely fix the problem. Customers don’t get that kind of help at other internet providers.

Here’s another thing that’s important for you to know: We can only support routers leased from Colorado Central Telecom. We cannot provide support for third-party routers.

Do you have to have a leased router to get tech support?

Colorado Central Telecom provides remote technical support up to the Colorado Central Telecom equipment demarcation point for all subscribers. With a leased router, the demarcation point is the Colorado Central Telecom provided router. If the router is not leased, the demarcation point is the Fixed Wireless Radio Transceiver and Power Over Ethernet (POE) box or the Fiber Optic Subscriber terminal. That said, we can only support routers that we provide. That means our technical support cannot extend to your in-home Wi-Fi network if you have your own router.

What is a router, anyways?

In plain English, the router is the little box that connects the Internet provided by Colorado Central Telecom and emits your Wi-Fi signal. It’s different than the radio transceiver on the outside of your house, which brings in internet connectivity from a tower.

So why do you need a router and not a modem? A modem is a device that turns an analogue signal into a digital signal. For instance, DSL modems convert digital signals from your computer into a frequency that can be transmitted over a phone line. Likewise, cable modems convert digital signals into a frequency that can be sent over COAX cable. For fiber connections, this function is performed by a media convertor. Modems can be embedded in a router that emits Wi-Fi. Modems can also be standalone devices that don’t emit Wi-Fi, in which case an access point provides wireless connectivity.

On our network, the radio transceiver on the outside of your house acts as a convertor. It’s the functional equivalent of a modem, but it’s called a transceiver because the signal is sent over the air. The Wi-Fi router serves to segregate your home network from our broader network, as well as provide Wi-Fi to connect laptops, tablets and other devices.

What if I have my own router?

We can only support routers leased from Colorado Central Telecom. We cannot provide support for third-party routers.

If you purchased your own router through an outside retailer, we cannot support your router. Our tech support staff can only troubleshoot connections with third-party routers as far as the Power Over Ethernet (POE) box; they cannot assist with internal networking. The POE is located where our cable enters your house and provides power to your dish and connectivity to the router.

Please note that third-party routers may be unable to access the Colorado Central Telecom network until the router can be authorized or authenticated after first connecting. This may result in being redirected to our walled garden. If you want to add a router to the Colorado Central Telecom network, please contact technical support at 719-937-7700 ext. 3.

What should I look for if I buy my own router?

Purchasing your own router can be the right decision for tech-savvy customers. If you elect to buy your own router, make sure that it’s an actual router with Wi-Fi capabilities. Switches, access points or cable/DSL modems will not work.  Our tech support staff does not recommend using routers provided by previous providers due to possible software incompatibilities with the Colorado Central Telecom network.

Apple routers have known issues on our network due to our IP schema. When used on the Colorado Central Telecom network, Apple routers will often give an error message that you’re double NATed and attempt to set the equipment up in bridge mode. Our tech support staff advises Apple router users to ignore the double NAT message and choose the router setup instead.


What if I'm going on vacation mode?

The router lease does not apply during vacation mode, since your service is not active during that time. Vacation mode is still $10 per month.

Why do you offer leased routers?

We didn’t always have a leased router program. When Crestone Telecom was first founded in 2012, we provided Wi-Fi routers as a convenience to our customers. We gave out Wi-Fi routers with installations, covered replacement routers in the event of equipment failure and provided free on-demand support for all technical issues up to the router itself.

Over the years, customers increasingly required Wi-Fi-related support past the router – connectivity issues with their printers, iPads, Roku boxes, etc. This dramatically escalated the complexity of our tech support, and it became apparent to us why other providers had different policies.

Colorado Central Telecom needed to change the way it handled router replacements and Wi-Fi support. We could have stopped providing routers altogether, but felt this would be a disservice to our customers. Instead, we rolled out the leased router program as a means to continue providing the high level of support our customers appreciate.


Need more information? Give us a call at 719-937-7700.