After providing Internet to the Buena Vista area for the past 19 years, Mountain Computer Wizards’ owner Joseph Conrad is heading toward retirement and fulfilling his dream of spending more time on the Arkansas River. Colorado Central Telecom is helping facilitate this transition.

The Crestone-based company is working closely with Conrad to continue providing Internet service to Mountain Computer Wizards customers.

Colorado Central Telecom already provides fixed wireless Internet and VoIP phone service to 1,500 customers in Chaffee County and the upper San Luis Valley.  Mountain Computer Wizards will add nearly 100 clients to Colorado Central Telecom’s existing customer base.

“When Joe decided to step away from the demands of running his Internet business, we were glad to help out,” Colorado Central Telecom CEO Ralph Abrams said.

The transition to Colorado Central Telecom will begin in July, when Mountain Computer Wizards’ wireless Internet customers will be individually contacted about the changeover. Colorado Central Telecom will assume responsibility for Mountain Computer Wizards’ wireless Internet network, associated equipment and customers.

“Our number one concern is customer service, and that’s why we’re taking this transition one customer at a time,” Abrams said. “Over the coming weeks, each Mountain Computer Wizard customer will receive a call from Colorado Central Telecom to move them to our system.”

Current Mountain Computer Wizards customers will retain their existing service and pricing for the immediate future, as upgrading Mountain Computer Wizards’ network will be a comprehensive process lasting several months.

The only immediate change for Mountain Computer Wizards will be invoicing. Instead of receiving a bill from Mountain Computer Wizards, customers will receive their monthly bill from Colorado Central Telecom.

Mountain Computer Wizards will continue to provide email services and retain remaining DSL Internet customers.

“This transition will only affect wireless Internet customers,” Conrad said. “None of the other services provided by Mountain Computer Wizards will be affected.”

The arrangement with Mountain Computer Wizards comes on the heels of Colorado Central Telecom’s acquisition of Matrix Internet Services. Colorado Central Telecom assumed responsibility for two-thirds of Matrix Internet customers in March; the remaining third are currently in transition.