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The CCT Report: February 1st 2023

This month’s issue of the CCT Report covers how to apply for a CCT career, provides a refresher on our Seasonal Hold offering, and offers a few tips about using a personal router.

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The CCT Report January 1st 2023

In this first issue of the new year, the CCT Report covers a few of the things we did over the past year, discusses more convenient methods of making payments, and provides some information on our new Voice and internet bundles available now for residential fixed wireless customers in addition to fiber and business customers.

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The CCT Report: December 1st 2022

This month’s edition of the Report includes instructions for rebooting service should anything go wrong. Remember to always turn your devices off and back on again and to double check that all those cables are going into the right place and receiving power to potentially solve any hiccups as quickly as possible.

Stay warm out there and remember to do or say something kind every day as we get into these long, dark winter days.

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The CCT Report: November 1st 2022

This month’s issue covers what you need to know about personal routers, receiving emails, and the awesome Colorado Central Telecom Voice service that we offer.

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The CCT Report: October 1st 2022

In this issue of the CCT Report, we cover upcoming fiber conversions, those calls you might get regarding improving service, and options for phone service through Colorado Central Telecom Voice.

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The CCT Report: September 2022

In this issue of the CCT Report, we cover the best methods for making no fuss payments, welcome a new team member to the Customer Care Team, and overview some of the exciting things on the horizon to help improve the customer experience.

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The CCT Report: August 2022

Hello and Happy August! This month we have some pretty big news to share in The CCT Report. The Company has been sold to a local business leader from right here in Chaffee County! For more details, check out the full release attached available on our website’s CCT News page. As for the August 1st Report, it discusses the sale in addition to changes in the taxes, surcharges and fees for Voice and our continuing installs in the Chalk Creek area.

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Colorado Central Telecom Welcomes a New CEO

Buena Vista, CO – On July 18, 2022, the shareholders of Colorado Central Telecom (CCT) approved the sale of the company to Chaffee County business leader, Carlin Walsh. “As the leading, local choice for telecom in South Central Colorado, we were thrilled when a local businessman like Carlin came to us as a prospective buyer,” said Ralph Abrams, Founder and Former CEO. “Someone who understands first-hand the needs of the communities Colorado Central Telecom serves will be invaluable as they grow the network and continue to provide the best support to its customers.”

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The CCT Report: July 2022

In this issue of the CCT Report, we cover different methods to check for a network outage, provide an update on our Chalk Creek Canyon fiber project, and summarize a few of the accomplishments over the last month and where we are going from here.

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The CCT Report: June 2022

Summer is right around the corner, and we are proud to share this month’s CCT Report. In this issue, we cover Bill Pay and how it works, offer some resources for effective troubleshooting of Wi-Fi and personal routers, and provide updates on the network.

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The CCT Report: May 2022

As the weather warms up and the snow melts (and sometimes falls again), we are happy to deliver the next issue of The CCT Report. Inside you will find information about what happened in April, some news about where we’re going over the next month, as well as a few resources and tips for smooth streaming.

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The CCT Report: April 2022

The April 1st edition of The CCT Report does not contain any tricks, but it does contain information on maximizing wireless performance, details about Colorado Central Telecom Voice, updates on the network, and information on our Facebook page!

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The CCT Report: March 2022

This month’s issue covers new Colorado Central Telecom Voice and Internet Bundles and provides some information for how to stay up to date with us through our status page and social media in addition to updates on what the company was doing throughout February and what we have planned on the horizon. Click the link to stay in the know!

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The CCT Report: February 2022

The Colorado Central Telecom (CCT for short) Report is a new monthly newsletter designed to keep all of our customers updated on what we’ve been doing and where we are going from here! We hope this first month of 2022 has treated you well, and we look forward to staying connected through the rest of the year.

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Happy New Year from Colorado Central Telecom!

2021 was a long and eventful year for many of us. For our network, it began with the toppling of a Chaffee County tower in January due to severe winds and ended with the significant wind event destroying or damaging multiple network sites in the Westside Network Area in December. We continue to repair damage from the most recent wind event…

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Update on Custer, Fremont and Huerfano Counties Network

We continue our commitment to Custer, Fremont and Huerfano Counties to improve service. The past three months progress includes completing required Tower and Customer equipment replacements; upgrade of two "battery power" only sites to line fed electric; upgrading...

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Custer County – Westside Network Area – Equipment Upgrade Plan Update

The team at CCT wanted to take a moment to update you on our upgrade plans in your area.

Among other issues that were discovered upon our takeover of the Secom area network, we discovered many technical issues with the Towers (many of which have only solar power generation with battery power to the equipment), where the Site has too much equipment and power consumption than the batteries could handle.

The Network was designed in a way that when one side went down only a portion of the customers were re-routed (the others suffered an outage) and even upon re-routing the connections came to a crawl, as there was not enough backhaul bandwidth in the network to take on the overflow. CCT has been redesigning, upgrading and replacing equipment in this network starting as early as mid-January and we expect to have most of the larger and recurring problems resolved by the end of the third quarter, but upgrades will continue well into 2022.

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Colorado Central Telecom Expands its Operating Area

On January 1, 2021, CCT became the service provider for this Area, and will continue the current Internet services to the former SECOM customers within the Westside Network Area.  From January 1, 2021 and through March 31, 2021, SECOM will support CCT in the transition of the operations of the Westside Network Area to CCT. 

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