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An inside look at Colorado Central Telecom's day-to-day operations.

Crestone Telecom, Colorado Central Telecom to merge

Crestone, Colo. Dec. 8, 2016 — The acquisition of Crestone Telecom by its sister company, Colorado Central Telecom, wasn’t finalized in some anonymous corporate board room. Instead, the meeting took place over pizza and beer at the Bliss Cafe in Crestone....

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Summer in the mountains

Each summer, the verdant mountain landscape is bedecked with vibrant wildflowers in every color, shape and size. It’s a wonderful sight to...

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Tower time!

With snow melting off high-elevation access roads and bluebird weather returning, it’s time to climb towers.  Adding new equipment to Colorado Central Telecom’s towers isn’t a simple task. It takes considerable time and technical expertise to prepare...

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