2021 was a long and eventful year for many of us. For our network, it began with the toppling of a Chaffee County tower in January due to severe winds and ended with the significant wind event destroying or damaging multiple network sites in the Westside Network Area in December. We continue to repair damage from the most recent wind event. Throughout the year, we worked to identify problem areas within our network and push out improvements to help stabilize those areas. While the weather delayed some plans, we are back on track to upgrading our network as planned and prepared to come back stronger than ever in 2022.

Given the tumultuous year, we know it can be hard to keep track of things and wanted to reach out at the beginning of 2022 with a few reminders and updates to help keep things easy for you.

Business Hours
Customer Care and Technical Support are available 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Contact information is available below:

Customer Care: (719)937-7700 extension 1, billing@coloradocentraltelecom.com
Technical Support: (719)937-7700 extension 3, support@coloradocentraltelecom.com

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Despite being a running joke on television in The IT Crowd, rebooting a system can oftentimes stabilize service and clear out errors. Unplugging both the router and POE from power for 3-5 minutes can clear up issues and even prevent the need for a phone call. If you would like a copy of our Fixed Wireless Troubleshooting Guide, which shows how equipment should be plugged in and walks through the rebooting process, please reach out to our Customer Care Team. If the issue persists after a good reboot, then the service may need more in depth assistance and our Technical Support Team should be contacted.

You can also check the status of the network for outages that may affect your service on our website at https://stats.cocentel.com/ or by dialing (719)937-7700 and pressing 2. Updates are completed manually by our staff once a problem has been identified.

Tired of calling to pay or mailing a check? Try our Customer Portal!

Our new billing system that we adopted last year also came with a new and improved Customer Portal available at https://portal.coloradocentraltelecom.com. Once you are logged into your account, you can retrieve past invoices for your taxes, manually make a payment with new or existing payment methods, update or remove payment methods, enable auto-pay, and even open support tickets. Please contact Customer Care if you need any assistance logging in to your portal.

Interested in changing your plan?

We have a variety of packages available to customers. If you want to look over your options, residential fixed wireless plans appear on our website under Residential Fixed Wireless Plans and Pricing, and fiber plans are under Fiber Internet.

Downgrades occur along with your billing cycle and can be requested any time. Upgrades require our Team to assess the connection first to ensure the desired speeds are available at your location. If you are interested in changing your service plan up or down, get in touch with our Customer Care Team and we will be happy to help.

Seasonal Hold Policy

Planning a getaway from that latest round of snow? Colorado Central Telecom allows you to suspend internet service but leave your account active for $10 per month, what we call Seasonal Hold. There are some limits to this hold, so here is the fine print:

  • Still on contract? Unfortunately, Seasonal Hold is not available during the first twelve months of service.
  • Hold is only available for internet service and does not apply to phone service.
  • The hold is limited to six months per calendar year. After the six months are exhausted, service automatically reactivates and bills at the $44.95 per month Home Basic rate, unless you select a higher service plan.
  • A $25 reactivation fee applies when service is removed from hold.
  • You can reactivate service before the start of your billing cycle, but a prorated bill for early reactivation may apply.
  • Seasonal Hold begins with the upcoming billing cycle. If your billing cycle is January 1st to February 1st, and you want to go on Seasonal Hold on the 20th of January, then it will begin on the 1st of February (the start of the new cycle). Prorated credits are not applied, so please let us know ahead of your planned seasonal hold to ensure the best value for the account.
  • For the Westside Network Area (Custer, Fremont, Huerfano counties): Legacy pricing remains for customers that were transferred from the former service provider.

VoIP Phone Service

Tired of unreliable cell coverage in the mountains? In addition to our internet service, we can provide home phone service to help make staying connected even easier even if you are not using Colorado Central Telecom internet service.

We provide the equipment for a one-time $50 fee, and then you can use your own analog phone to make calls over an internet connection. Monthly service is $34.55, which includes all taxes and fees with no hidden costs. Home phone service includes unlimited calling to the Continental U.S.

For more information on our phones, please visit our website at Colorado Central Telecom Phone Service.

Want to learn more?

We have our billing policies and terms of use posted to our website, https://coloradocentraltelecom.com/policies/.