Customizable solutions for business

Every business is unique. That’s why Colorado Central Telecom offers customized solutions to fit your needs.

Colorado Central Telecom sets itself apart with fixed wireless Internet, technology that gives our service more reach than DSL and more speed than satellite. It works by transmitting Internet from one of Colorado Central Telecom’s towers to a dish mounted on the exterior of your business. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s easy to deploy.

Colorado Central Telecom understands the importance of reliability. Backhaul – the link between the network and the World Wide Web – is key to dependable service. Colorado Central Telecom built its network with stable backhaul in mind. In fact,  Colorado Central Telecom uses three independent backhaul providers to ensure a redundant connection that won’t let you down.
Latency, or ping rate, measures how quickly Internet traffic moves from one point to another. The less time it takes, the better. Colorado Central Telecom beats the industry standard 60-millisecond latency with ping rates between 25-45 ms. Compared to satellite service, where latency rates can reach into the hundreds, and Colorado Central Telecom has the clear advantage.

Our standard packages come with download speeds of 5 ,10, 15 or 25Mbps. While these speeds meet the needs of many businesses, Colorado Central Telecom understands that specialized services are sometimes required. We can customize Internet service to meet your needs, from high-capacity full duplex to extra upload speeds. Custom packages start at just $6/megabit.

Network Coverage

Colorado Central Telecom’s growing network spans Lake and Chaffee counties. Our friendly staff can check service availability at your location. Simply call 719-937-7700 ext. 1. Our regular business hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday.

Colorado Central Telecom’s network uses high-powered equipment from top vendors, including Motorola and Ubiquiti Networks. Signals are transmitted over the 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz bands.

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Every business is unique. That’s why Colorado Central Telecom offers customized solutions to fit your needs.
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