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Colorado Central Telecom uses innovative technology to connect the farthest reaches of Chaffee and Lake counties.

Fixed Wireless Internet: How It Works

It’s not satellite. It’s not cellular. It’s fixed wireless Internet, and it gives us the flexibility to reach rural areas inaccessible to incumbent network technologies.
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Colorado Central Telecom connects rural residents, many of whom are unable to obtain Internet service from traditional providers.

We’re able to provide those rural connections because we use new, innovative technology that lets us reach the unreachable.

Here’s how it works:

Our towers beam Internet service to a radio on your house, which is connected to a Wi-Fi router that provides online access.

Your Internet traffic travels back and forth from the Wi-Fi router, radio, and tower, allowing you to stream movies, connect on social media and surf the web.

It’s not just fast; it’s reliable. We leverage three different sources of backhaul – the link between our network and the World Wide Web – to ensure a redundant connection that won’t let you down.

This network of backhaul, towers and on-site equipment is called fixed wireless Internet service. It doesn’t require miles of costly underground cables or sluggish satellite connections to reach rural areas — that’s why we’re the go-to Internet provider for rural Coloradans in Chaffee and Lake counties.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a satellite service?

Colorado Central Telecom does not use satellites to provide Internet service. Instead, we use powerful fixed wireless technology to beam the Internet straight to your house. The service is hyper-local, but we can get you connected if there is unobstructed line of sight to one of our many network sites and you are within the serviceable range.

Can you improve service for my cell phone?

Our network is completely separate from those operated by mobile phone providers. For assistance with your cell phone, please contact your cellular service provider. While Colorado Central Telecom does not provide cellular phone service, any phone with built in Wi-Fi Calling can utilize a network connection to make more stable calls at home.

Are there limits to how much data I can use?

Colorado Central Telecom provides buffet-style, all-you-can-eat Internet service. That means you can use the Internet all you want, within the speed limits of your plan, without worrying about overage fees, throttled speeds, or service interruption. So go ahead, watch that movie — it won’t cost you any extra.

Can I change my service after signing up?

If you want a faster connection or decide you can make do with less, go ahead and make the change. We don’t tack on extra fees for changing service. Just call our friendly support staff by dialing (719)937-7700 and pressing 1 and to make a request to update your account.


Our Internet and VoIP phone services aren’t just fast and reliable, they’re local. With Colorado Central Telecom, you get better service from people who care. Call 719-937-7700 today.