Sometimes I think tech sector workers are a bit like long-distance runners: They’re everywhere, but due to a natural inclination toward introversion, they never meet each other. You know what I’m talking about: Introverts unite! Separately! In their own homes!

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A generalization? Sure, but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark.

That’s why Colorado Central Telecom sent me on a scenic drive along the Arkansas River to attend the launch of a Technology Sector Partnership in Canon City. Rural Coloradans in the tech sector tend to work in isolation, never meeting industry colleagues who might be working from home just a few blocks away. The partnership will serve, in part, to unify the technology sector across Fremont, Custer, Chaffee and Lake counties.

The Region 13 Technology Sector Partnership is just the second of its kind in Colorado. So far, the partnership has brought together community anchor institutions, tech startups, internet providers and academia — and that’s all after just one meeting. The next meeting is on April 27th, so stay tuned! Know someone who might want to attend? Send me an email at You can also find us on Facebook and online at

See you at the next meeting. I’ll be wearing the “we’re here, we’re uncomfortable and we want to go home” tee shirt.