Decker Fire: Methodist Outage Expected

The Methodist Mountain tower site has been affected by the Decker Fire south of Salida. The Methodist tower serves customers in the Salida and southern Chaffee County area, as well as Swissvale and Maysville.

Though the Methodist tower is currently online, the site is expected to fall offline in the coming days unless backup generators can be refueled.

The Decker Fire destroyed power lines feeding Methodist communication sites, including the tower hosting Colorado Central Telecom’s equipment. The site is running entirely on generators and battery backup.

The generators powering the site are expected to run out of fuel in the coming days, at which point the site will run on battery backup. If battery backup fails before the generator can be refueled, the tower will fall offline until power can be restored.

Authorities have deemed the site off-limits to vehicular access, and helicopter access remains limited by high winds and ongoing fire activity.

Colorado Central Telecom and site owner SkyTower are reviewing all possible short- and long-term solutions for permanently restoring connectivity to the site, including solar systems. SkyTower is also seeking federal disaster response assistance.

Updates about the fire are available at Updates about fire-related effects on Colorado Central Telecom’s network will be provided by email, as well as posted to and Facebook page at

Questions should be directed to customer service at 719-937-7700 ext. 1 or

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