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***BEGIN ALERT*** Monday, July 26th, 10:00 Hrs. – For all Huerfano County – CCT is conducting emergency maintenance on systems located at both Capitol Hill Tower in Walsenburg, CO and Sheep Mount Tower in West Central Huerfano County. Customers may experience brief interruptions in service through mid-day. We will try and minimize the impacts as we continue to upgrade and improve network functionality. We apologize for this inconvenience. ***END ALERT***

Customer Communications – Call Handling Update

Colorado Central Telecom is currently updating our call handling for Customer Support and Technical Support to improve the overall customer experience. We are implementing the changes and fine-tuning the process now. We anticipate the new system to be fully implemented within the next week. If you experience any issues reaching out to our team by phone, please contact us via email at either (billing/account questions) or (technical support). We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience during this transition, and deeply appreciate your continued patience and loyalty as we work to improve communication with our customers.    

Network Update

With the addition of the Custer County and surrounding areas Internet customers CCT is in process of separating off from the SECOM network. With this process, we may experience several interruptions on Internet  access.  We apologize to our new Custer County and surrounding area subscribers for any outages you may experience. We are working with SECOM to properly mitigate these issues.

Colorado Central Telecom Expands its Service Area. 

Colorado Central Telecom is now providing Fixed Wireless Internet service in Custer County, SW Fremont County and NW Huerfano County, including the town of Westcliffe, the town of Silver Cliff and the villages of Cotopaxi and Gardner,Colorado. We have purchased certain assets and service fulfillment agreements from SECOM, Inc. We are working with SECOM to transition the network operation during the next 90 days and begin equipment upgrades/replacements on various existing network sectors throughout CY 2021 and CY 2022. As we transition the various SECOM network sectors over, we will be updating our “Network Status” link above, to show operational status of the new areas as well.  We hope to improve the overall subscriber experience over time and will work with SECOM to make this effort go smoothly as possible.

Colorado Central Telecom Launches New Service Management Platform

Colorado Central Telecom is continuously working to provide effective, user friendly and secure services to all its Customers. As a part of a new service management platform we have now launched our new Customer Portal, enabling each of our Customer’s with secure access to their Account information. Please login to your Account by clicking the Customer Portal “Login” link above and see what’s new!

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