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Internet Service and Support Disclaimer


Colorado Central Telecom (CCT) provides monthly subscription plans based on bandwidth delivered to the demarcation point (the place where CCT’s network ends and the customer’s internal network begins). The speeds of the plan (for example: 10 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up) represent the maximum “up to” speeds in accordance with wireless and fiber industry standards and practices.


The service demarcation point is at the connection port on the wireless router, which customers lease from CCT or provide themselves. If the customer leases the router, CCT will troubleshoot, support, and replace it at no additional cost beyond the monthly lease fee. If the customer owns the router, they are responsible for all service and networking issues involving the personal router or devices connected via Wi-Fi or wired in using Ethernet. CCT does not have any responsibility for personal routers or other networked devices or connections past the demarcation point even if the router is leased.


To summarize, CCT is happy to assist with the troubleshooting of issues up to the demarcation point for the service. If the issue lies within the customer’s internal network, then it is beyond the scope of CCT’s ability to help and a third-party IT company or other outside solution may be necessary.


Network Update

CCT is continuing the process of upgrading various tower sites and swapping out customer premise radios in portions of Custer, Fremont, and Huerfano Counties. In addition we are continuing to work on hardening the solar/battery power only sites and continue to optimize service per each AP sector to improve Internet service performance.We will continue to notify all affected customers via email in advance of changes or needed customer site access. Minor service disruptions may continue to occur until we have finalized these efforts.


Customer Communications – Call Handling Update


CCT has been working to enhance its Customer and Technical Support by utilizing a third party Call Center on a 24×7 basis due to the increased call volume we have been experiencing. We recently returned to live CCT Customer and Technical Support Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to improve the customer experience with overflow handling by the Call Center during and after business hours. Our goal is always to better the overall customer experience, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. We deeply appreciate your continued patience and loyalty as we work to improve communications and support on behalf of our customers.







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